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Matomo Web & Mobile Analytics Cloud

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"I have been using the InnoCraft Cloud from the start and couldn’t be happier.
My conversions have only gone up since then." - Torsten Kramer

"Not having to host Matomo (Piwik) ourselves anymore has saved us heaps of time. This is the only analytics cloud that respects the privacy of our users while giving us all the amazing insights you can think of." - Ana Moreno

Improve your websites & apps

Our All-In-One Analytics cloud comes with a variety of unique features to give you a 360 degree view on your visitors and users.
Based on the insights it gives you, you can increase your conversions, sales, and revenue.

Web & Mobile

Comes with all features you can think of: Events, Goals, Channels, Campaigns, Site Search, Custom Dimensions, Geolocation, Overlay, and more.


Keep track of all your orders and abandoned carts. Segment any reports by customers and see where your buyers are coming from.


The user log and user profile lets you analyze your users’ individual behavior by listing all your users’ visits and actions.


With our Real-Time features you always keep an eye on what is happening right now.

Video & Audio

Get insights into how your audience watches your videos and listens to your audio.


Find the pain points in your online forms and ultimately improve your form conversion rates.


Learn to which content your visitors actually pay attention to, where your content is confusing, and whether your content is engaging.

Session Recording

Truly understand your visitors by replaying clicks, mouse moves, scrolls, and form interactions of your visitors in a video to improve usability and more.

A/B Testing

Compare two or more versions of a web page or screen to see which one performs better. The version that increases your conversion rate, wins!


Funnels visualizes the actions your users' take to complete a goal or purchase. This lets you identify where your lose your visitors.

Search Engine Keywords

Discover how your visitors find you by getting insights into the keywords your visitors use when they search for you on Google or Bing.

Paid Advertising Performance

Analyse the success of your Google Ads campaigns with ease. Discover what keywords and search queries are bringing your business the highest ROI.

Custom Reports

Gain totally new insights that aren't possible with standard reports. Choose from over 200 dimensions & metrics and various visualizations.


Choose from over 100 segments to slice and dice your users and visitors into different target groups.

Log & Intranet Analytics

Import your webserver logs to provide a higher level of security and feasibility.

Multi Channel Conversion Attribution

Apply different attribution models to get a clear understanding of how much credit each of your marketing channel is actually responsible for and to shift your marketing efforts wisely.

Tracking & Reporting API

The Tracking API lets you track any device or object and our reporting API lets you export any report and configure your account to your needs.

Designed to make you more successful

At InnoCraft, it is our mission to help you grow your business.
We are sure once you start using our Cloud, you will absolutely love it!


We care very strongly about Privacy. With our cloud, you remain in complete control of your data (100% data ownership!) while respecting your users' privacy. Our servers are currently located in Frankfurt (Germany) providing excellent, fast connectivity in Europe and the US.

Reliable & Secure

Afraid of data leaks or security breaches? Hosting a highly available analytics solution, maintaining backups and keeping everything up to date and fast can be very challenging and time consuming. We have years of experience doing this and can take this hassle away for you so that you can focus more on your business.


On our cloud we make sure you always get to use the latest Matomo. Our advanced premium features, such as A/B Testing, Funnel and Media Analytics will drive your business. We have built them together with our clients to make sure they are easy to use, and give you much more insights than anywhere else.

These 3,000+ verified companies and corporations trust us using Matomo (formerly Piwik).

GDPR ready

The General Data Protection Regulation is fast-approaching. It applies to almost every business around the world from 25th May 2018. Besides our existing comprehensive privacy features, we will roll out more updates soon that let you comply with all GDPR laws such as the export and deletion of data subjects, anonymizing personal information, and more.

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Options for:

  • Custom websites
  • Custom team members
  • Custom segments
  • Custom goals
  • Custom data retention
  • Custom domain
  • SAML and LDAP integrations
  • White Label
  • Dedicated account manager

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